SmartCats StayHome Cat fence system

A Better Way to Stop Your Cat Roaming

100% Guaranteed to Work.

Our clients attest to this: "This is the best thing we ever did for our cat..."

Cat Stays Safe within your yard.

Your cat can enjoy the freedom of outdoors but remain safe in your yard.

Safe and Stress Free for your cat.

SmartCats StayHome cat-proof fences are safe to use and endorsed by Animal Rescue.

Discretely attaches to your existing fence.

Our cat fences are discrete and very cost effective with our Australian Manufactured Electronic Controller.

No ugly cage or enclosure.

A thin Polywire attaches to brackets at the top of your fence and is supported 60mm above the top of your fence.

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A Better Cat Life

Your cat will have a happy and longer life if he or she doesn't roam.

The life expectancy of cats is greatly reduced when roaming.

There are many reasons we want to stop our cats roaming the neighbourhood, council curfews for cats, angry neighbours who may want to harm our cats, neighbourhood dogs and the risk of cat fights, cars and busy roads are some of the reasons you may be looking for a way to stop your cat roaming.

Cats are very territorial and they become very stressed when other cats come into their terriotory or even walk along the top of the fence (often they will spray around their territory/property both inside and outside) this is a sign your cat is feeling stressed, this behavior stops when your cat feels safe and secure.

We want our cats to have a long and happy life!

Cat Proof Fence which attaches to existing fence | SmartCats StayHome

Designed for easy DIY installation and with our step-by-step video guide, this fully supported cat fence solution with Australian manufactured controller will allow you to provide a safe haven for your precious feline friend to move around, inside and out, while staying safe on your property.

If for any reason you do not wish to attach it yourself we suggest using a local handyperson to do it for you, it does not require a special tradesperson just someone with a few basic handyman skills and a battery drill.

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  • A Product That Works!!

    Great product, easy to install and keeps the cats in and other cats out.

    Very happy we came across this product.

  • Cheaper Than Vet Bills!

    Cat fights often end up with you spending money at the vet

  • A safe and protected Yard

    Your cat will be safe and happy with free access to your yard.

Easy to Attach - Watch the Step-by-Step Video Guide

"This is by far the best and most humane solution available." Dunroamin Animal Rescue

Dunroamin Animal Rescue is actively working throughout NSW and VIC Australia, rescuing cats in distress and finding them new forever homes.

SmartCats StayHome cat fences are fully endosed by Dunroamin Animal Rescue.

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